Room details: E 11

E 11 is a bedsit located in New Court.

This room has been rated by the JCR under the GWH pointing system.


Type 110
Area 330
Location 170
Floor 20
Outlook 58
Sink 0
Radiator 20
Noise -4
Distance to…
  …gyp room 64
  …WC 45
  …bathroom 45
Gyp facilities 20
Laundry facilities 0
Bathroom facilities 40
Total 918

Additional information

Outlook directions
Area 20 m2
Approximate number of students sharing…
  …gyp room 7
  …WC 7
  …bathroom 7
Gyp facilities Oven Microwave
Hob Fridge
Toaster Freezer
Bathroom facilities Bath Shower

E 11 has a rent of 1000.62 per term (on a 30 week lease).

This room is reserved for a first-year student in 2010–2011.

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Previous Occupants

In 2009–2010, Christopher Meurice had E 11 as a 1st year room. They commented on the room as follows:
"If you survive the outrageous amount of steps to get up here, then the view, sofas, armchairs, coffee-table etc etc etc all more than make up for it. Granted the bathroom is on a different floor but that is hardly an inconvenience. The only bad thing about this the lack of a sink. Other than that it is awesome!"
In 2008–2009, Chris Nickerson had E 11 as a 1st year room. They commented on the room as follows:
"LARGE room with excellent 3-man SOFA and 2 armchairs. OOD VIEW of new court but up MANY STAIRS. Opposite gyp room but bathroom 1 floor down. Fireplace but fires not allowed : (. Thin walls. Its basically the E staircase lounge (people just pile in and sit on my sofa!!). "
In 2007–2008, Sabrina Lu had E 11 as a 1st year room. They commented on the room as follows:
"Very spacious room with a long sofa, loads of drawers, shelves and an average-sized wardrobe. Generally a lot of sapce and storage room. It's on the 3rd floor but I don't find that a problem, and you can get a beautiful view of the new court and the chapel. Gyp room is right opposite on the same floor and bathroom is one floor downstairs. The only downside is the paper thin wall which means you'll know your neighbour very well by the end as you can hear nearly everything - if you have early lectures in the morning while your neighbour is so energetic that the party next door never ends till 3.30am, this can be a big problem.
All in all, a very lovely room, enjoy it! ^_^"
In 2006–2007, Francis Letschka had E 11 as a 3rd year room.
In 2005–2006, Catriona Silvey had E 11 as a 3rd year room. They commented on the room as follows:
"This is the nicest room in college. But shhh, don't tell anyone. Perfect size, very comfy & substantial sofa (scientifically proven possible to sleep on), 2 more comfy armchairs, open fireplace...random shelf above mantlepiece for people who like to sit high up...desk with all the drawers in the world...plenteous storage...view over Chapel and out towards lovely spangly cranes...battlements... As for facilities, the kitchen is right opposite and has 2 hobs and an oven/grill so the lack of toaster is the only real annoyance. No sink in room. Very good shower (new!) 2 floors down, bath 1 floor down. Manymany stairs (moving in becomes your own private hell) but it's worth it once you get here. Highly highly recommended but then I may just refuse to move out and camp under the sofa which could be a disadvantage for any occupant next year.

Note: it now appears the sofa will be gone next year due to the substantial possibility of tripping over it during the night. No kidding. Sorry, future peoples."
In 2004–2005, Samuel Hughes had E 11 as a 3rd year room, allocated via the reserve list. They commented on the room as follows:
"Good: Spacious. Lovely sofa. Kitchen is right across the hall. Decent view, looks inwards on New Court. Located mere *seconds* from hall/JCR/bar. Room no longer gets hot in summer as they've fixed the radiator (it now turns off). Kitchen is good for New Court - fridge plus hob/hob/grill/oven thing.

Bad: Located on third floor. No sink (though there is the aforementioned kitchen across the hall, for what it's worth). Nearest bathroom is one floor down, with the usual bath-with-shower-attachment instead of an actual shower. Pigeons were never a problem for me but you do have to keep an eye out. Occasional wafts of cigarette smoke on the stairs, though I found the smell never made it up as far as this room.

Basically, if you can stand bathing instead of showering, this is one of the best rooms in college. Highly recommended."
In 2003–2004, Elizabeth Harper-Clark had E 11 as a 2nd year room. They commented on the room as follows:
"Beautiful room with a great view and definitely the best sofa in the world. Crappy storage though, only one small wardrobe and then a couple of shelved cupboards. No drawers. Best kitchen in new court (a whole 2 hobs) and if they do refurbish over the summer as promised then it will be a good kitchen. Have to go downstairs for bathroom and there is no basin so make sure you have a good dressing gown. Best bath in new court by far and two bathrooms between seven is nice. I never had any problems with pigeons but they can get into your room if you are not careful. Oh and the best bit is they opened up the fireplace last summer and it is really nice to put candles in."
In 2002–2003, Anna Jones had E 11 as a 3rd year room.
In 2001–2002, Alex Riddell had E 11 as a 1st year room. They commented on the room as follows:
"Lovely room - lots of stairs and not great cooking/toilet/washing facilities - but once you get up there the room is wicked. Lots of space (even an enormous sofa) and a great view over new court. Pigeons are cool whatever richard says."
In 2000–2001, Richard McKinley had E 11 as a 3rd year room. They commented on the room as follows:
"This is really a rather nice room - I loved living there last year and if it's furnished the same way as then it has probably the longest sofa in college, which I pine for daily. It's not the biggest room on New Court, but I had a birthday party in there with about 30 people and loud music - it didn't feel crowded and (added bonus) was entirely inaudible both from the court and the staircase. Downsides - it gets v. hot in summer and you get pigeons in your room if you don't close the windows when you leave."
Photo contributed by Rhys Grant on 11 Apr 2010
Photo contributed by Rhys Grant on 11 Apr 2010
Photo contributed by Rhys Grant on 11 Apr 2010