As you all probably are painfully aware of, money doesn't exactly fall out of the sky. However, if you do have some lying around, feel free to throw some at us! I can assure you we will be scurrying around picking it all up in no time and then running to the bank with it. Not that it exactly stays there for long.

Anyway, what do you get in return? Oh, well, since you asked so nicely I'll give you a star (Star) next to your name! How wonderful is that?! Be warned though, as with most stars it will eventually explode into a supernova (Supernova) and then turn into a black hole (Black Hole). And vanish. But have no fear! If you bribe us sufficiently, I'm sure we can whip a whole brand spanking new one for you!

In case you didn't know, the life cycle of a star is precisely one year. On the final day it will go supernova, the day after it will be a black hole, and finally it will completely disappear!

But wait... What?! A black hole just can't disappear! Well you'd be right, in the interest of health and safety, we have to remove all black holes off your page within a day for fear of it sucking you and your page into it. And we wouldn't want that would we?! Unless, of course, we're in your will. In which case we'll leave it there for you. Lonely sod.